Randy KD9VBE Sent This Via Group’s Email, I Thought That It Should Be Posted Here For Members And None Members To See That We Still Homebrew Stuff.

Great Job Randy

I Can Give You An Idea For The Next One, If You Can Add More Lenth To The Coil You May Be Able To Cover More Bands, Maybe By Making Two Coil Forms And Attach Them Together.

Good Luck On Your Next Homebrew.

Randy’s Words:

Updated finish photos.  This coil works best zip tied to a Fiberglass extension rod mast.  
One picture my finger is pointing to the post where your vertical wire is attached and runs 
up the mast and connects to the top.  This length is approximately 16.5 feet.  
Ground radials are required and clipped to the wire connected to the so-239 at the base. 
 This setup is great for POTA and other portable situations. 
Not recommend for long term permanent setup.  

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