We have a few extra things you can be apart of. First up is the KA9QJG Repeaters Newsgroup: https://groups.io/g/KA9QJG-REPEATERS that started over on Yahoo groups but moved to groups.io due to the shutdown.
Next up is the KA9QJG Repeaters Discord Server https://discord.gg/972FXPgJnR A great place to chat and post stuff you find or just chat.

Other things ham radio related is CAND The Chicago area net directory http://tinyurl.com/chicago-ham-nets its a great google doc that has alot of nets through out the Chicago-land area.
Also is the Hamfests Doc http://tinyurl.com/chihamfests that gets updated when we hear the date has changed.

Here is video on how to join the KA9QJG Discord Server https://youtu.be/kmmCSfidPTY

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