Back a Few Years Ago I Bought Some Aluminum pipes & Antenna Parts From a Hamfest, I Think It Was The Peaton Ham Fest.

Shortly After, I Built This 9 Element Monster From a QST Article, I Never Had The Time To Put It Up And Install It.

About 5 Years Ago I Moved To this QTH, Put Up One 30 Foot Tower But Could Not Install Any Antennas On It Because I Found Out That I No Longer Could Climb Towers As I Use To In My Younger Day’s.

It Was Winter And Cold And I needed To Get On 2 Meters., But The Only repeater That I Can Hit Was KA9QJG 2 Meter Repeater.

I needed To Put The Antenna Which Was At 5 Feet Up On The Tower, So I Called On a Good Friend Bill KC9MDS AKA DR. Bill.

He Came That Winter 5 Years Ago And Installed The 2 Meter/ 70 CM Dual Band Antenna On The Top Of The Tower, We Tried To Put Up My 6 Meter Yagi But It Was So Cold I Thought That DR. Bill was Gonna Be So Stiff From The Cold Temps That He Will Get Stuck On My Tower And I Was Not Having That (LOL) So We Called It Off.

This Moth I Was Thinking That It Is a Shame For Me To Have a Tower And Not Have Yagi’s On It, So I Called On My Fiend DR. Bill, We Talked About Putting Up 3 Yagi’s Up On The Tower, One For 2 Meters One For 6 Meters And an HF Tribander.

On Saturday The 16th Of October 2021 Bill Came And Installed The 2 Meter And the 6 Meter Yagi’s, There Was No Room To Put Up The HF Tribander.

About 3 PM DR. Bill Was Tired So We Halted Work Till Next Monday Installing The Rotator And Tyding Up The Cables ETC.

I Needed To Test The Antennas So I Called My Other Good Friend DON KA9QJG, The Antennas On Both Bands Performed As Expected.

Later On, I Heard DR. Bill & DON Talking About The Antennas, DR. Bill Was Asking If I Designed The 2 Meter Yagi On The MMANA Antenna Modelling Software…..  I Told Him That I Did About 4 Or Five Years Ago Getting The Plan From That QST Magazine Article But Promised Him That I Will Do The Design Again Today And Make a Post On It, So Here Is The Software Version Of The 9 Element 2 Meter Yagi, I Hope This Could Encourage New Hams To Start Building Their Own Antennas.



El. Length Meter Feet
Boom 3.4 11.1549
Reflector 1.03734 3.4034
Driven 0.99878 3.27684
1st Director 0.96164 3.15500
2nd Director 0.93010 3.0515092
3rd Director 0.93360 3.06299213
4th Director 0.89505 2.936516
5th Director 0.85000 2.788714
6th Director 0.75000 2.46063
7th Director 0.65000 2.132546


Reflector To Driven 0.3586 1.1437008
Driven To 1st Director 0.20000 0.656168
1st Director To 2nd Director 0.3881 1.273294
2nd Director To 3rd Director 0.4610 1.5124672
3rd Director To 4th Director 0.3543 1.1624016
4th Director To 5th Director 0.6000 1.9685
5th Director To 6th Director 0.5000 1.64042
6th Director To 7th Director 0.5000 1.64042



Boom: 1 Inch Aluminum Pipe

All Elements: #8 AWG   Aluminum Wire 0.1285 Diameters in Inches 3.26390 Diameters in mm

Feed Point

75 Ohm Coaxial Cable 42.5 Cm   16.73228 Inches wrapped two times.


And Here Is The Install Photo’s

I Will Add More Photo’s Later.

Thanks, Bill For The Help.



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