I got an Email from our member John W9YOU, asking an antenna-related question.

The question was:

If I have two 2 meter radios, each with its own antenna, I understand that horizontally you’d like to keep the antennas at least 3 feet apart, but what do you think happens if you have the two stacked vertically?
Is this something that can be simulated in the antenna software?
Intuitively, since you get the doughnut off a vertical, I’m thinking that the second antenna would be in the null and not affected by the other antenna.
What do you think?
So I decided to run it on the MMANA Program and post it to the group, and here it is.
Just in case anyone asks how far should the antennas be apart, here I have them at one wavelength apart at 147.045 Mhz. here are the screenshots.
First, a Single Ground Plane Cut For 147.045 MHz.

Then Verticals Stacked Horizontally one wavelength apart.

And here is the Vertical Stack, I Had to raise The Antenna Up a Bit To Accommodate The Stack.


And Just For Fun a Horizontal Vertical Stack One Wavelength Appart Horizontally and vertically.

John, I Hope This Answer Your Question.


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