The vertical and horizontal is an issue more so locally, where line of sight signals are concerned. There the 20 db issue could be true. Someone could be on 2-meter FM on a 1/4 wave vertical and hear much better than the guy on a 3 element horizontal beam.
When F layer skip has involved the signal (per the books) is actually elliptical (egg-shaped),, having both vertical and horizontal characteristics. With skip, it can be a toss-up as to which polarization will work better at that time. And sometimes there is no noticeable difference.
Another issue is the angle of radiation on a vertical vs Horizontal. But that is another topic.
Paul  KF9ER
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Well, other we like it or not, Winter is on the way, So let’s get some HF Ants up. I will be building a multi-band fan dipole. I know we have many Amateur radio ops using the repeaters and newsgroups who have not upgraded to General yet.  But they are studying. For example, Our Member Dustin KD9QGP has already put up an end-fed antenna. I’ll be putting a list of Freqs that the users will all have to monitor testing, etc. VHF-UHF 6 Thu 160 Meters  It will be a shame if some put up antennas and upgrade, and none of us are there for them to test or uses. I will say this, and some disagree, and that’s ok too.

The Best Antennas I have ever used are Antennas tuned the Freqs that we transmit the most on No traps or Coils but resonate with the very first SWR 1.5 Or less. No Antenna tuner is needed. Use a good feed line. The higher the Freq, the better low loss coax and quality connectors you can get. I am not a big fan of crimp-on connectors VS Soldered on. Probably because of my experience of not using the correct crimp-on tools and doing the job correctly, Gravity pulled the coax in top of a tree just enough to not work. The question comes up often Vertical or Horizontal  I have found Local Communication  25-100 Miles. Yes, it makes a difference depending on if the other station is also Horizontal or Vertical, and most Man-made noise is higher on vertical. For example, you may be hearing someone in your noise level and switch to horizontal. You may listen to them enough to understand what they are saying, and the signal itself may be lower, and some do not like to be told they have a weak sig they want 5/9 5/9, Some will claim 20 Db difference I have never found that to be true.

This topic  has been talked  about for years and still going I cannot only tell you from my personal experience I will not even get into The higher, the better  or Grounding  VS  Counterpoise or Feedline, Baluns ,  Impedance  50 ohms VS 75 Ohms and the list goes on and on  I will leave that to others on here that may also want to add  to this What they know and are willing to share

I did look up Making Fan Dipole. I have made a few but could never get the SWR Down enough on a multi-band. I would fix one, and the others would change. I gave up, But I will try again now that I have an Antenna Analyzer. Some members like Tony KC9ADK, Dustin KD9QGP, Jim W9JOM, And Ayman N9ses  are using VNA. My stuff is Old school, LOL. Here is a Nice U-Tube Site. He puts things in Layman’s terms. Watch his other videos too.  DX Commander .

Well, it is 0:130 Am, and as everyone knows how  I get sometimes going on a topic  the more I try to put words  to what the old brain is trying to say, the Grammar and Spelling gets worse and worse,

So I better stop for now and let all of you try and understand this,  as Ben KC9UNS Elegantly said it Donlish, not English  LOL

So all you experienced operators trying to read this, get on here or the Repeaters and help out those with Antenna questions.

73 Stay Safe and Healthy


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    Yes, will be looking for a (virtual – preferred) or in=person Tech Class after 10/24/21. If its virtual, I can probably bring two other interested amateur radio candidates.

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