Don Ka9QJG Runs a 1.25 Meter Repeater On 224.740 Mhz, I Seldom Hear SomeOne Using It, But He Keeps It And Maintains It.

We Have this Machine To Use, As For Myself, I Purchased a TYT 1.25 Meter Mobile Rig From One Of Our Repeater Group Members, I Built a Simple Ground Plane With a SO-239 Having 4 Wires For Counterpoise & One vertical Element, But It’s Not Doing Any Good.

So I Decided To Build a High Gain Antenna That Has a Small Foot/Light Weight.

The Antenna Design Is a 3 Element Yagi Vertically Polarized.

& Here Are The Design Plans Hoping That It Can Be Of benefit To One Of You To Be Able To Have a Bit Of Gain On Don’s 1.25 Meter Repeater.

Now Here Are The Plans And Later I Will Post The Building Of The Antenna.


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